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Sign-ups have been opened again.
Account activation enabled as well.
Do look forward to updates this June/July 2009!

Announcement updated: 3 May, 2009 11:51 PM (SGT)

Just a note:
Works with:
Blogdrive, Blogger/Blogspot, Diary-X, Diaryland

Does not work with:
Livejournal, MSN Spaces, Friendster Blogs, Blogs,,
Xanga due to code incompatibility problems

The FLASHbox code makes use of javascript and iframe. Do ensure that your webhost/bloghost supports it before getting your own FLASHbox =)
Usage of this site requires javascript and cookies to be enabled.

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Version 3.1 Xtal
Version 3.1 Mini

Site Update
(Last update: 22 March 2006)
  • Account Verification Checker added

  • Version History
    (Last update: 17 March 2006):

  • Version 3.1 with secure HTTP (17 March 2006)
  • Version 3.1(6 October 2005)
  • Version 3.0 (4 days earlier than the intended 15 July 2005)
  • Version 2.2 (Refresh button added) (30 June 2005)
  • FLASHbox Xtal Slim & Xtal Mini (15 June 2005)
  • FLASHbox Xtal (10 June 2005)

  • Current FLASHbox statistics
    (since 14 May 2005):

    Registered users: 84007
    Total Shouts: 5677075

    Currently online: 1
    Visitors today: 22

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    MapLoco [8 Feb 07]
    User Admin Panel
  • FLASH interface (With preloader)
  • Animated smilies/emoticons[11 July 2005]
  • Customisable colour for nick, display text, date and links
  • Customisable display options for divider and date
  • Customisable Shout! button text[6 October 2005]
  • Simple to deploy and no maintenance required
  • IP tracking and display in Admin Panel under "Shouts"
  • Admin Panel for managing settings and Shouts
  • Supports use of tab key for inputs and buttons
  • Email notification option
  • 4 types of FLASHboxes to choose from [See them all]
  • Comes with a refresh button to refresh Shouts
  • View Shout history of past 200 Shouts [Upgraded 28 January 2006]
  • Limit of 320 characters for each Shout [2 November 2005]
  • Personalised IP banning [28 December 2005]
  • Profanity (bad word) filter [3 January 2006]
  • Works best with:
        Internet Explorer (With unicode text support)
        Firefox (Without unicode text support)

  • Edit user settings
  • Edit FLASHbox settings
  • Edit Shouts
  • Delete Shouts
  • Archive Shouts
  • IP Ban/Un-ban
  • Change password
  • Change user ID
  • Remove account
  • Get FLASHbox code
    Features at a glance: